Asheville Housing Authority

Cellulose Core-fill Insulation Project
building envelope improvements at historic building

Project Information

Size: 1,200 Multifamily Units

Type: Multifamily Housing

Project Value: $585,000

Project Completion: 2011

Project Description

The Energy Partners completed this project as part of an energy services contract with Siemens and the Asheville Housing Authority. The scope of work provided to The Energy Partners specified attic air sealing, adding R-38 insulation to the attic, and core-filling the exterior walls with R-13 dense pack cellulose insulation for 247 multifamily housing units near downtown Asheville.

Adding wall insulation to existing walls requires drilling a hole in either the exterior siding or interior sheet-rock and pumping loose fill insulation into the walls. Typically, one hole is drilled for each section of the wall cavity between two studs. In this case it was quickly discovered that the framing was atypical because the hole filled up in a matter of seconds.

Using an infrared camera, we discovered that the walls were lattice framed with vertical members every 2 feet. This required that every wall stud section have four holes drilled to be able to fill the entire wall.

As this was a HUD project, The Energy Partners hired and trained workers from the community to meet Section-3 requirements.



Energy Conservation Measures


Attic air sealing


R-38 cellulose insulation added to attic


R-13 dense pack cellulose wall insulation


Test-in and test-out blower door testing