Commercial Energy Audits

We know that sometimes you want a lot of detail, and sometimes you just need to be in the ballpark. We know there’s no use in spending money to discover solutions that will never be implemented. We design our commercial energy audits around your priorities and your budget. We offer a wide spectrum of commercial energy audits, from basic walk-through assessments to ASHRAE level III investment grade audits.

Whether you require a formal envelope analysis or simply desire a confirmation of the cause of a known envelope defect, The Energy Partners can work with your in-house engineering or maintenance teams to assess the as-is performance of your building, define scope of work and budget requirements for the improvements, and implement the improvement work.

Any Building


Our assessment teams provide building envelope assessments for every type of building. We specialize in assessing low-income HUD housing, private-sector multi-unit residential, major institutions, various types of office, retail and other types of commercial facilities. By quantifying the improvement opportunities, budgets and payback assumptions can be easily established, based on real data about the building’s performance.


Experienced Auditors


We are an experienced team of building scientists and energy auditors. Our BPI certified auditors have completed over 10,000 multifamily energy audits and assessed universities, government building portfolios, correctional facilities, HUD housing portfolios, and privately owned commercial buildings. Our company was one of two contractors selected in the state of North Carolina to perform auditing, modeling, and work scope development for the Multifamily Pilot of the Weatherization Assistance Program funded by ARRA.

Any Location


Have building? We will travel. Our energy audit services are not geographically restricted. We provide this service nationwide. Our experience includes auditing municpal portfolios in North Carolina, Florida, and Tennessee, university buildings in North Carolina, Georgia and Florida, state park facilities in Alabama, and low-income HUD housing in Georgia, Tennessee, North Carolina, Missouri, and Virginia.


Commercial Energy Audit Discoveries


Commercial Energy Audit Infrared

Building Envelope Thermal Deficiencies


Building Envelope Air Barrier Deficiencies


Moisture Issues


Health and Safety Issues


Inefficient HVAC Ductwork


Inefficient Lighting


High Water Usage Appliances

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