Envelope Contracting Services

The Energy Partners team specializes in implementing building envelope improvement projects. Our building science trained production managers are involved in developing the scope of work during the auditing and reporting stages to ensure viability of the measures proposed for the project. Depending on the location and focus of the project, we can provide our own production staff or assemble local talent and resources and provide construction management services.

Throughout the production process quality controls are in place, assuring that the scope of work is successfully executed and the intents of the energy model are met. All members of the TEP team are trained to meet our quality and safety standards, and are continually monitored by project managers throughout production. A final quality inspection is completed prior to completion of the project.


Customer Accomadation

Building envelope improvements will frequently involve occupied spaces and will almost always incur some occupant inconvenience. TEP focuses particular attention on minimizing client disruption and maximizing client relations. Whether city council chambers or low income apartments; medical services center or prison dining hall; TEP views every individual encountered in audit, production and verification processes as “the customer.”


Measurement & Verification

As part of our complete building envelope contracting process, our team will complete a field inspection to review all finished materials. The amount of material required to complete the ECMs is visually compared with the production managers logs and the scope of work. Any variations in materials or actual conditions in the building are taken into account in a post production “as-built” model and report.

Davis Bacon and Section-3

Having weatherized over 7800 HUD-sponsored apartment units in 25 separate communities, we understand Davis Bacon and Section 3 requirements. We look forward to providing job training opportunities for the local workforce during HUD projects and have the experience to ensure it is done right.


Production Capabilities

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