Performance Assessments

As building scientists, we do more than just energy audits. In addition to identifying energy conservation measures, our our team can provide performance assessments to find and make recommendations for moisture, comfort, health and safety and indoor air quality issues at your building.

If you are asking, “Where is that cold draft coming from?” or “Why is it so humid in here?”. We can help. Suprisingly, these issues are not isolated to older buildings. The smallest mistake with construction details can add up to big problems.

We provide a performance assessment with every energy audit we do, but can also provide them as a stand alone service. Invest in a performance assessment to insure against damage to your building and its occupants.

building moisture issue

Bulk moisture build up on florescent tube light.
Where did that water come from? The air.

Occupant Comfort

Happy tenants equal good tenants. As a building owner or property manager you want the occupants of your building to be cool in the summer time and warm in the winter. Building envelope and HVAC deficiencies can lead to major occupant comfort issues.

Health and Safety

Carbon monoxide, excessive moisture, improperly designed HVAC systems. All of these can lead to health and safety issues in your building. Our team is trained to pinpoint the root cause of these problems and make recommendations to remedy them.

Indoor Air Quality

Leaky buildings and ductwork can make it hard to control the point source for your buildings fresh air. Even with positive pressure ventilation indoor air quality issues can occur if the building is not properly air sealed, especially in plenums, attics, and basements or crawlspaces.

Common Performance Issues with Commercial Buildings

moisture issue at drop ceiling tiles

A ventilated attic causing moisture build up in
acoustical ceiling tiles in a hot humid climate.


Improperly used construction materials


Air leakage pathways that transport water into the building


Complicated architecture leads to incomplete building envelope


Ventilated attics over acoustical tile ceilings


Improperly installed and/or sealed HVAC systems


Gaps at roof and wall interesections

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