Barry University Envelope Energy Audit


building envelope improvements at historic building

Project Information

Size: 1,235,455 sqft

Type: University

Count: 43 Buildings

Audit Date: 2013

Key Metrics

Proposed ECM Budget: $906,067

Baseline Energy Savings Identified: 7%

Estimated Annual Cost Savings: $143,878

Simple Payback: 6.3 years

Project Description

The Energy Partners were hired to complete an energy audit across two Barry University Campuses in Florida. In total, 43 buildings consisting of classrooms, gyms, student unions, dorms, and administration buildings were audited.

Opportunities were found for energy savings in buildings both old and new (including a LEED certified facility). The measures that provided the greatest opportunities for savings included insulating above dropped ceiling tiles, window film, and core-filling masonry walls with injected foam insulation.

In addition to energy savings opportunities, several indoor air quality and building durability issues were identified. Several buildings had large, open vents in the roof that allowed for free communication with the hot humid outdoor air. With drop ceiling tiles acting as the only barrier between conditioned area and the roof, the tiles accumulated significant moisture resulting in bowed ceiling tiles and unhealthy levels of humidity indoors.


Energy Conservation Measures


Air sealing roof and wall interesections


Insulating walls above dropped ceiling tiles


Air sealing traditional attics


Capping dropped soffits


Core fill insulation for masonry walls


Ceiling and attic hatch insulation


Window film


Duct sealing


Door weatherstripping

Buildings Audited

Identified Annual Dollar Savings


Proposed Baseline Energy Savings

Proposed Simple Payback (Yrs)