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We provide Building Enclosure design/retrofit services for Energy Service Companies.

Investment Grade Audits

We assess the thermal performance of each building, verifying as-is assembly conditions, while noting opportunities for improvement and examining retrofit challenges.

Scope Development & Modeling

We develop a design/retrofit  work-scope that delivers improved performance, respects the physical durability of the building, and satisfies the financial requirements of the project.

Building Enclosure Retrofitting

Our production team implements building envelope energy conservation measures that improve the thermal and air resistance barriers for your building.

Measurement & Verification

Final reporting for the project includes documentation of work performed, discrepancies between modeling and implementation, and updated savings calculations illustrating any variances.

We Work with Reputable Energy Service Companies Nationwide


Benefits for Building Owners and Managers

Professional weatherization is a proven means for significant energy savings; savings that go directly to your bottom line. But the energy savings are just where weatherization starts, not where it ends.

Improving the air and thermal barriers in your building will not only save energy but can also help improve air quality comfort, and building safety. With a more controlled building envelope the HVAC system can perform better and may not have to work as often or as hard to satisfy thermostat setpoint temperature.

With commercial buildings relying heavily on ventilation systems, controlling the building envelope helps to control the point source for fresh air systems.

After working with us you will have a better building, happier occupants, and a better bottom line.

Improved Net Operating Income

Improved Comfort

Improved Safety

Better Air Quality Control

Efficient Operation and Lower Utilities


About Us

The Energy Partners is an experienced and innovative team of building scientists, energy performance auditors, project managers, and installation technicians dedicated to delivering the high quality, energy efficient residential and commercial buildings in Western North Carolina and throughout the United States.

We work for a variety of large commercial clients, from local governments to multinational corporations, which need to weatherize large buildings or entire neighborhoods. Our team provides building audits and analysis, workscope design, and implementation of these specialized projects.

The Energy Partners utilize a synergistic approach to energy efficient building performance, focusing attention on building envelope design and installation, HVAC system design and efficiency, and economic performance and investment return.  We are committed to delivering installed systems that achieve maximum efficiency and superior comfort with minimal environmental impact.


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