Professional Team

Adrienne Bell – President – Adrienne Bell, company owner, has been involved with managing the day to day operations of The Energy Partners since 2004. She oversees business finances and operations while guiding and supporting business development efforts.

Isaac Savage – Vice-President  Isaac Savage, company founder and Certified Energy Manager, has been in the building performance retrofit industry since 2002, when he founded TEP’s predecessor, Home Energy Partners. Over the past 15 years, Isaac has taught nationally for private companies, utilities, industry associations, and non-profits on topics related to building science, energy rating and analysis, building performance retrofitting, and residential HVAC system design. Isaac serves as technical director of The Energy Partners, overseeing the auditing, modeling, and scope development of all projects.

Dick Olsen – COO – Joining the company in 2007 to manage overall operations, Dick is a 35-year veteran of the construction and real estate development industries. Dick was responsible for guiding the company into new ESCO and Performance Contracting markets and manages all company business affairs. Dick manages all finances, negotiates all contracts and supervises all Davis-Bacon, Section 3, licensing and other regulatory compliance programs. Dick is a guest editorial writer for numerous trade and consumer publications and has served on a variety of for-profit and nonprofit boards of directors.

Tom Smith – Production Manager – Tom provides on-site management for major projects and directs, through crew leaders, the implementation of all other
company projects. He has a successful 19-year record of accomplishment in the construction industry and serves as a highly involved teacher and mentor for all company production personnel. Tom has managed more than $20M in weatherization and building performance projects.

Robert Price – Special Projects Division Manager – ESCO and Institutional – Robert is an experienced building envelope auditor and manages ESCO and Institutional relations for TEP. He serves as the direct liaison between client, company, building science team, and production staff.

Production Staff – Field management and production crews are experienced, factory-trained installers of all products represented. Using state-of-the-art equipment and up-to-date technology all projects are scheduled, executed and inspected to comply with strict performance standards.