Building Air Leakage Testing

The Energy Partners commercial building energy audit qualitatively identifies deficiencies in the building envelope. For more in-depth quantitative results, we provide air leakage testing for both new and existing commercial buildings.

Why would we test a commercial building for air leakage? There are many reasons why we would test the air tightness of a building enclosure. First, because leaks in the building allow conditioned air to escape or allow unconditioned air to come in, we have to use more energy to run the HVAC system to recondition the air. Second, holes in the building envelope allow moisture to travel with the air which can lead to issues with condensation and increased humidity. Lastly, air leakage can bring in polluted outdoor air from areas like parking garages or an exhaust vent leading to indoor air quality issues for the building occupants.

Building air leakage testing can help to quantify the amount of air that is leaking in the building envelope and help us pinpoint the areas that need to be sealed.

Any Building

We can provide air leakage testing on any size building as long as there is space to install the testing equipment.

Code and Certification Testing

States and cities are starting to require air leakage testing for new commercial buildings. We can help ensure your building meets these requirements.

Containment Testing

Do you have server rooms full of expensive equipment? See our services below for enclosure integrity and containment testing.

Enclosure Integrity and Containment Testing

The Energy Partners provides testing for sensitive areas like server rooms that require extra levels of air containment and additional requirements for fire suppression systems. Testing is done to demonstrate the pressures that could occur during a fire and ensure proper air containment.

Peak pressure evaluations can be performed to test pressure relief vents that relive the dramatic pressure pulse that happens when gasses are related into enclosures.

Contact us to discuss enclosure integrity and containment testing for your specific building needs.


Fire system confidence testing


Server room integrity testing


Equipment room integrity testing


Refrigeration room testing


Peak Pressure Evaluations

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